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NIMS IS 700.a: Intro to the National Incident Management System


This course introduces NIMS and takes approximately three hours to complete. It explains the purpose, principles, key components and benefits of NIMS. What will I be able to do when I finish this course? • Describe the key concepts and principles underlying NIMS. • Identify the benefits of using ICS as the national incident management model. • Describe when it is appropriate to institute an Area Command. • Describe when it is appropriate to institute a Multiagency Coordination System. • Describe the benefits of using a Joint Information System (JIS) for public information. • Identify the ways in which NIMS affects preparedness. • Describe how NIMS affects how resources are managed. • Describe the advantages of common communication and information management systems. • Explain how NIMS influences technology and technology systems. • Describe the purpose of the NIMS Integration Center

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Hours   3
Field Course – Contact host department regarding cost

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This course has no pre-requisites
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