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Accreditation and Standards

The Alabama Fire College and Personnel Standards Commission is accredited by the
National Board on Fire Service Professional Qualifications (ProBoard) and the International Fire Service Accreditation Congress (IFSAC).

Accreditation serves as an affirmation that the certification courses of the Alabama Fire College meet the standards of excellence as defined by the national accrediting body. It is a voluntary process, and only the most capable agencies apply for consideration. When a fire training agency applies for the certification seal of approval, these agencies study the policies, procedures and processes of certification testing and evaluation to insure compliance with the current NFPA standards.

The Alabama Fire College has been ProBoard accredited since 1983. In November 2005,

AFC sought and was successful in obtaining accreditation by IFSAC.

 - denotes course in transition to IFSAC seal issuance


Accreditation Entity




Airport Fire Fighter

Alabama Smoke Diver



Apparatus Operator: Aerial

Apparatus Operator: ARFF

Apparatus Operator: Mobile Water Supply

Apparatus Operator: Pumper

EMS Instructor I, II, III



EMS Safety Officer I, II, III, IV



Fire Department Safety Officer: Health and Safety Officer

Fire Department Safety Officer: Incident Safety Officer

Fire Fighter I/II

Fire Fighter Bridge

Fire Fighter Recertification

Fire Fighter II

Fire Inspector I

Fire Inspector II

Fire Inspector III

Fire Instructor I

Fire Instructor II

Fire Instructor III

Fire Investigator

Fire Investigator II



Fire Officer I

Fire Officer II

Fire Officer III

Fire Officer IV

Hazardous Materials Awareness & Operations

Hazardous Materials Incident Commander

Hazardous Materials Technician

Honor Guard


Industrial Fire Brigade (Incipient, Advanced Exterior & Interior Structural)

Live Fire Instructor



Marine Fire Fighter I

Plan Examiner I



Public Fire & Life Safety Educator I


Public Information Officer

Public Safety Telecommunicator I/II

Rapid Intervention Crew



Rescue Instructor I, II, III



Rescue Officer I, II, III, IV



RT: Animal Rescue I



RT: Cave I/II

RT: Confined Space I/II

RT: Dive I

RT: Rope I

RT: Rope II 

RT: Structural Collapse I/II

RT: Surface Water I/II

RT: Swift Water I/II

RT: Trench I/II

RT: Vehicle Ext I & Machinery Ext I 

RT: Vehicle Ext II & Machinery Ext II 

RT: Wilderness I/II

Volunteer Fire Fighter


What is Accreditation?  Accreditation is the official approval of an institution. The organization gets accredited - Qualified testing agencies and institutions are accredited.

Accreditation entities do not actually certify anyone, the term “certification” is used to mean certification granted to an individual by an accredited agency.

Value of Accreditation
-Third party review & endorsement against defined criteria
-Recognition & verification of the credibility of a Certification system
-Ability to award accredited certificates, an accredited Certification Registry
-Forum for networking, bench marking, sharing with peers

What is Certification?
Certification is the verification that a candidate has successfully completed an evaluation of his/her knowledge, skills and abilities against a consensus standard by an accredited certification system/agency.

The Individual Fire Fighter gets CERTIFIED. Qualified people gain certification.

Value of Certification
-Recognition of Candidates’ accomplishment against National Standards
-Permanent record in the Accredited Certification Registry
-Valid credentials in the form of an individually accredited certification certificate
-Portability of credentials
-Clear Training/Certification/Career Paths

RECIPROCITY is the recognition of an individual’s previous accredited certification to a standard by an accredited agency that did not issue the certification.

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