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Alabama Smoke Diver

The Alabama Smoke Diver’s course is meant for the firefighter wishing to sharpen their current skills with realistic training and learn new skills and techniques that will assist them throughout their career. This is a challenging course involving multiple facets of the firefighting profession. Students will participate in physically and mentally taxing exercises in multiple environments. Each day will begin with a fitness event and is followed by drill field evolutions and scenarios that include heat, smoke and live fire training. The student should recognize that the majority of the course will take place on the drill field in full PPE. **Each student is expected to have basic understanding of firefighter survival and RIT prior to attending this course.** Campus Delivery Only. (Classes that are delivered either at the Alabama Fire College or an RTC or other area as approved by the Regional Coordinator and Training Staff at AFC.)

Special Equipment - NFPA compliant full turnout gear, SCBA, spare bottle, PASS device, flashlight, knee pads and stopwatch

Physical Requirements - A physically demanding course which requires students to be in good physical condition. Certain information submitted on the medical information questionnaire may preclude the student’s participation in the course.

Hours   40
Course Cost   $ 295 In-State     $ 495 Out-Of-State     Field Course – Contact host department regarding cost

For more detailed course information click here
Required Text - See Alabama Fire College Master Resource List for required textbook(s).


  • High School Diploma/GED
  • IFSAC or ProBoard Certified Fire Fighter I or Certified Volunteer Fire Fighter
  • Rapid Intervention Teams AFC Certification or a letter from Chief stating that the individual has received training in RIT or Fire Fighter survival IAW NFPA 1407

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